NCAA Bracket Challenge

ESPN 101.5 AM 1570 and Classic Hits 106.3 present the NCAA bracket challenge. Your chance to win big by just signing up at either 1 of 4 different area businesses!

What you have to do is go to 1 of 4 different businesses and sign up at our registration box. You can sign up at Cork N’ Bottle in Yankton, Murph’s Appliance in Vermillion, Hometown Grocery in Viborg, or Bertz Sports Bar & Grill in Beresford! You do NOT have to sign up multiple times! Once your put your name in the box it stays in there until the end of the promotion or we pull it out of the box!

How you become qualified is by 1) Getting your name pulled out of the box; Once that happen’s we will call you letting you know that you are qualified. 2) You will then have to come to our studios, 210 West 3rd Street, and take a picture to final get qualified. For coming to our studios, you will win our first price of 2 free Subways, just by coming and taking a picture.

What do you get once you qualify? There will be 64 people who will qualify for this contest. No one will be in it more then once! Once we have all 64 names, and teams for the NCAA men’s and women’s tournament  will be drawn on Facebook Live, during the show ‘On the John’  All names will be associated with a number from the region in which you qualified. Only 16 names will be drawn from each qualifying location. If you want to put your name in all 4 locations you can, but once your name is drawn you can only qualify that once.

More details are coming, and always be sure to check out our websites for more information!